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US FDA Establishment Registration and Device Listing

In the United States, owners and operators of businesses involved in the production and distribution of medical devices, drugs, combination products, dietary supplements, or cosmetics are required to register annually with the FDA. These, FDA Establishment Registration and Listing for Medical Devices, administrative tasks are tedious and often forgotten about resulting in missed deadlines and lapses in their registration certificates which could impact the ability to sell products.

Typically, facilities that are required to register with the FDA also need to list the medical devices that they manufacture on the US FDA Registration and Listing Database. This US FDA Establishment Registration and Listing for Medical Devices database help the United States to identify manufacturing establishments and the products they manufacture, which would help us to be better prepared for public health emergencies.

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The deadline to renew your annual registration with the FDA is December 31, 2023

To avoid a lapse in registration, don't forget to renew with the FDA your US FDA Establishment Registration and Listing for Medical Devices. We recommend filing by December 1st at the latest to allow for processing time, especially during these uncertain times where things are taking a bit longer than usual. Also, RQMIS can make your US FDA Establishment Registration, and of course the Medical Device listing!

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