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Business Development for Cannabis Ops Compliance

Creating a comprehensive plan is the first step to successful cannabis business development. Regulatory compliance is one of the areas operators find least interesting, yet it is one of the highest areas of risk for a cannabis industry business. With such high stakes and complexity, you don’t want to risk handling this responsibility on your own. Instead, operators can trust us as a reliable cannabis compliance resource for this topic that must be addressed and must be addressed correctly.

We have experience in handling the FDA and high-quality standards. We work with medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and food supplements. Our goal is to meet the highest quality standards for all our clients. RQMIS can collaborate with the development of a start-up or improvement of an established company that wants to expand its business.

We also partner with various organizations such as BioPort USA for market entry services such as designing personalized business plans with detailed financial models that can be used to secure needed capital, recruit key executive-level talent, and provide a foundation for future licensing application development.

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